School Centenary


In 2012, we will celebrate Shirley Infant and Junior Schools’ Centenary.

We would like current and past pupils and their parents, staff, governors and volunteers to help us celebrate this wonderful anniversary.
We are keen to reach as many people as possible with a past connection to the schools, to encourage them to get involved in our planning and to invite them to the forthcoming Centenary celebrations.
This is a perfect opportunity to bring together displays of old photos and mementos as well as the people behind the stories. We are hoping to collate photos, stories, memorabilia and other information on the school's history.  If you are a past pupil or teacher, you can contribute to this!
If you would like to be involved in helping to organise any part of the Centenary celebrations, then please let us know.
In the meantime, you can help us by:
  • Getting in touch and letting us know that you are interested in the Centenary celebrations:
  • Sending this link to anyone you know with a connection to either the Infant or Junior schools;
  • Letting older friends and acquaintances know about the celebrations;
  • Gathering up any old school photos;
  • Writing down your school memories/ stories or perhaps offering to write/record the stories of older family members;
  • Volunteering to help with arranging the celebrations.
Please keep visiting this section of the website to find out more about what you can do to help us plan for the 2012 Centenary.
Please help us to reach everyone – especially the older generations!
A number of centenary events will take place in 2012 to commemorate this milestone. As these are organised, they will be publicised through our school websites, in the local press and through our school newsletters.