The Borrowers

Our topic ‘Journeys into the unknown’ led us to become very small people who ‘borrow’ from ‘human-beans’! That’s right we all became borrowers having been inspired by our trip to the Nuffield theatre, where we saw the stage production. The children were instantly transfixed by the enormous props and loved how the stage lifted to show above and below the floor boards. 

We were all very anxious when Mrs. Driver was about, but Arietty, Pod and Homily were very brave and left for the wild!  Luckily, with the help of Spiller, they found a place to live and food to eat. Finally they found other borrowers and were able to live happily together.
Everyone enjoyed the performance and it was a great lead into our own story writing. Please do come and see our super writing!
More fun was had by all when Arietty invited us all to her party for the afternoon.