Year R Hospital Day

On Tuesday 17th January, Year R received a letter from Sportacus saying that the children of Lazy Town needed their help. The people were unwell and had nowhere to go to get better! Heather, Stephanie’s friend, came to find out if the children could help!

The children created a fantastic hospital in the hall, and thought of lots of different areas that the people of Lazy Town might need. We worked together to make a reception and car park, an Accident and Emergency department, a ward, a maternity ward, an X-Ray and plaster room, a pharmacy, an operating theatre and even a kitchen to provide healthy meals to the patients!
We loved playing in role as doctors, nurses, surgeons, paramedics and patients and used our imaginations brilliantly. We can’t wait to show you the video of the fun we had at our Open Doors celebration event on Thursday 9th February!

Hospital Day   Hospital Day   Hospital Day