Alien Invasion!

We arrived at school on a Monday morning to find what appeared to be a spaceship that had crash landed in the playground, the wreckage still smouldering and emitting strange noises and flashing lights. It was all very mysterious but by Wednesday morning it had gone!

Despite the best efforts of some scientists, the governors and the police no one really knows what happened, who the visitors were or where they came from or … … if they will ever come back!

Here are some of the children's accounts of what happened;

Alien Surprise

Once upon a time an alien was taking a little ride in his little red spaceship. Suddenly he saw a bright light and the next thing he knew he was zooming to Earth, a green and blue planet.  Then he crash landed in the big playground. Then the alien went into the kitchen and Fox class and played with the weights and also made a friend. Finally they went out and rebuilt the rocket and the alien flew away.

Mats Fangohr, Badger Class

The crash!

Once there was an alien. One day he went to drive his spaceship. So he went into space but unfortunately he had been hit not by one but two flying saucers and he crashed down to Earth!!! But luckily he could move but then he realised he was stuck in the sand. He tried to get help. Then a child peered out from the window. Then he opened the door and he saw some children and a teacher. After that the teacher spoke to him. Then the children helped him mend the spaceship. Then he zoomed off.

Amy Sweetnam, Badger Class

The alien and the monster

Once upon a time there was an alien called Blap. She wanted to go and have an adventure. First she put her suit on. Then she jumped into her spaceship. Next she turned on the engine and zoomed off into space. Then they bumped into three rocks and the rocks turned into monsters. The monster started to turn space into fluid. Luckily he got into the spaceship and got home.

Ying Ying Zhao, Fox Class

The alien escapes

Once there lived an alien and it decided to visit a different planet for a trip. The alien was called Flog.  Flog packed all his things and he got into his spaceship. Then he set off. Flog could see stars ‘’Wow’’ said Flog ‘’I love stars!" ‘’Ah ha’’ said Flog "I have found the planet!" He landed on the planet and he saw a strange thing. "What is that" Flog said. "Oh no" said Flog "Dotty sand, it is very bad. Water, where is that coming from?" The funny thing came forwards. "Ahhhhh!"

He was very scared. He ran as fast as he could to his spaceship. He climbed up into his spaceship and flew away as fast as he could. He said goodbye to the planet and flew to a different planet.

Taliah Rios-Clarke, Woodpecker Class


First he squeezes through the gates. Next he hid in the attic of a house. He saw a little girl but was very scared. But the girl said don't be scared. Then the alien started to play with the little girl. Finally he said goodbye to the girl and flew off in his spaceship. When he got home he was very happy to be home and he also said home had changed a lot while he was away.

Rhiana Apadoo, Fox Class