Starting School September 2014

If your child was born between the 1st September 2009 and 31st August 2010, they will be due to start school in September 2014.

The deadline for applying for a school place has now passed (15th January 2014). If you have not yet applied, please visit the following link to find out how to apply;

Offer letters will be issued on 16th April 2014 from the school admission team at Southampton City Council. On the 22nd April 2014, Shirley Infant School will issue a letter to successful applicants confirming information regarding our Welcome Meetings and Class Activity Sessions that will take place during the summer term.

This pack will also include information regarding your child's induction to school programme for September 2014.

Please refer to the school calendar for more information regarding forthcoming meetings, events or activities for your child.

We look forward to meeting the successful applicants in the Summer Term.