Snow Procedures

We felt this might be a good time to remind everyone of the school procedures during heavy snowfall. 
The Headteachers and Chairs of Governors of all the schools in the academy will work together to try and ensure that we make similar decisions about opening and closing schools. You will appreciate that the decision to close a school is not an easy one. In making such a decision we consider whether or not it is safe for children, parents and staff to travel to school, whether the site is safe and whether the facilities are operational. We will also consider whether we can get sufficient staff into school to supervise the children.
We aim to open the school and will only close if we determine that there is a high health and safety risk to our children and adults. As Headteachers we will communicate and make our decision at approximately 6.30am. Obviously there may be occasions when the decision may alter for one or more schools when, having the intention to open, staff having set out then subsequently find they are unable to reach school. The final decision to close a school will rest with the individual school’s Headteacher and Chair of Governors. 
When the weather is hazardous and the school is open, it is for you as a parent to decide whether you feel it is safe for your child to make the journey to school. If open we have determined that we can keep your child safe on our site, however we cannot make an assessment of each road and footpath in our community. We would hope that you will make every effort to bring your child to school.
We would advise parents to do the following to find out if school is open
• Check the Southampton web site at or
(the ‘youngsouthampton’ website was particularly quick to update during the last snow fall).
• Listen to radio Solent from 6.30am on 96.1FM or check the radio Solent website at bearing in mind that some of our schools sit at the bottom of the alphabet and are therefore not announced until 7.30am or later! Also check Wave 105.
• Ensure your correct mobile number has been handed to school as we will use our text messaging and email service as our most reliable form of contact
• Text/phone other parents you know at our schools to spread the message
• Look at the school websites. (Information will be displayed where possible although many school websites cannot be changed from a remote location such as home)
• If school is open please send your child with a packed lunch because we cannot guarantee our lunch deliveries
• If school is open please ensure your child has suitable outdoor clothing and footwear – it would be a shame not to build a snowman!
We will continue to work together as schools to serve our community as best we can. Thank you for your patience and support.