Air Ambulance

On Friday 20th January the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance service came to Shirley Infants to talk to the children in Year R. The children were very excited as we often see the bright yellow helicopter fly across our playground towards the hospital, and we were very interested to learn more!

Roger Leppard explained to us how the air ambulance service helps people and showed us lots of photographs of the helicopter and the people who work for the service. We learned about the pilots and the paramedics who play a very important role in keeping people safe in Southampton and across the whole of Hampshire. The air ambulance can transport sick or injured people very quickly to hospitals and we saw some people on a video who may not have survived if the air ambulance had not flown to rescue them. We also found out that the service is a charity, and that it relies solely on people’s generous donations to run.

Before leaving, Roger kindly gave the children some gifts to help them remember what an important job the air ambulance does. The children are having so much fun playing with their new ‘Pat the Paramedic’ dolls, and we were even allowed to keep the model helicopter which was brought in for us to look at!
We have been busy drawing pictures of the helicopter and people who help us, and are looking out for the air ambulance when we are out in the playground. We hope the real life ‘Pat the Paramedics’ will see us waving as they fly above us next time! 
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Model Helicopter                                                  Pat the Paramedic