Ducklings & Chicks

Year R has been taken over by chicks and ducks as the children have successfully hatched our largest ever number of eggs to date.  

The children will tell you that we have 3 chicks and 6 ducks in the Year R classes.

The children (and some of the staff) have been fascinated by watching and looking after them. We are sure they will soon be asking for them at home!



                         Bill                                              Cornflake                                       Ducky




                Diddly Dave                             Daffodil                                        Davina




          Theodore                                            Alvin                                              Simon

The Squirrel Class ducklings went to stay with Mrs Fay for a couple of weeks.  They have now gone to live on a small-holding in Wiltshire where they are enjoying the sunshine and the pond with 3 geese, 2 horses and lots of unusual breeds of chicken.

Look how much they grew in just 3 weeks!