School Council


School Council elections were held on Thursday 9th October.  Mrs McKay (previous Headteacher) and Mr Thornton (parent of Holly Y2 ) came along to run the elections.  The children had great fun voting in the real election booths just like you do.  Thank you to the Local Authority for the loan of these!  Some children helped with counting the votes and had to keep a big secret until the afternoon for our presentation assembly. 

Our new School Councillors are:

                         Squirrels: Ceejay and Finn                            

                     Otters: Lily and Tanav                      

Hedgehogs: Ben and Selina

Moles: Elsa and Max

Rabbits: Toby F and Zoe

Owls: Dashiell and Katy

            Woodpeckers: Julia and Louis            

Foxes: Amreen and Callum

Badgers: Holly and Rudy

In their first meeting they have carried out a walk around the school identifying areas they like and want to improve to write their action plan.  The have also carried out their own pupil self evaluation of the school to reflect on different priorities for the senior leadership team.

Our new Eco reps are:

Squirrels: Alys and Keir

Otters: Harry and Lily-May

Hedgehogs: Olivia and Ted

Moles: Hanna and Keelan

Rabbits: Felix and Izzy

Owls: Edward and Ruby

Woodpeckers: Laura and Luke             

Foxes: Selina and Thomas

Badgers:  Izzy and Tom

In their first meeting they talked about roles & responsibilities of an eco member.  They thought about the key message of the 3 R’s:  Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.  The children are very excited about their challenge to improve the schools sustainability.