Mystery Golden Egg

The children were stunned by the news that this enormous golden egg had appeared on the school field in the  early hours of Monday morning. The whole school has been in awe and we have been busily writing letters to a range of experts to try to find out more. Even with the help of an Egg Expert in Edinburgh, a visit from Mrs Mackay (who was Head Teacher at Shirley Infants for many years) and a phone call from a space cadet, the children were still no closer to finding out the truth about this mysterious egg-shaped object!

The only thing we do know for sure is how incredibly hard all the children have worked to come up with imaginative suggestions as to what the egg could be. We have been sharing our theories across the school and producing some excellent art and written work to help us come closer to solving this truly puzzling mystery. Could it have been left by a giant bird? Is it part of a meteorite? Could it be a  dinosaur egg? Perhaps it is a mythical snow unicorn?! We believe this egg has appeared in other places, and that it has visited this school many times in the past, slowly becoming larger with every sighting.

We have been keeping a close eye on the egg all week long. The children have spotted it moving and on Monday they noticed it changes colour during the day, swapping from gold to silver. On Tuesday it appeared to change size throughout the day too. On Wednesday we discovered large footprints on top of the egg, which was quite peculiar! On Thursday, children were sure the egg was starting to wobble, and some heard some unusual noises from the field. On Friday morning, even stranger still, the egg was gone!!  There were glistening fragments of gold and mysterious metallic gloop in its place.


Has a creature finally hatched? Or has this magical object simply moved on?

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