Important Governor Communication


6th February 2015

To All Parents and Carers of Children at Shirley Infant School and Shirley Junior School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: New Governing Body Structure

As you already know, the Governing Bodies of Shirley Infant School and Shirley Junior School appointed Hazel Hayter as the Executive Head to lead both schools from September 2014. After careful consideration, the two Governing Bodies have now decided to come together to form a single ‘Shirley Schools’ Governing Body to provide strategic direction, support and challenge to the two schools. We feel that this is the best approach given our current Executive Head leadership structure.

The two schools continue to remain separate, each with their own unique character, and we have tried to establish a local governance structure that recognises the individuality of the schools whilst at the same time ensuring a smooth and effective learning pathway for our children from Year R through to Year 6, and beyond.

Therefore, as part of the new Governing Body structure there will be separate Teaching and Learning Committees for the infant school and the junior school to ensure that we continue to provide effective support and challenge to drive both schools forward. Since the schools share a number of resources (eg, the building) and service providers (eg, Chartwells), we have decided to form a single Safeguarding, Finance and Premises Committee across both of the schools to ensure the effective use of the schools’ resources. We have also introduced a new Leadership and Personnel Committee that will support and challenge the strategic leadership across both of the schools and examine ways in which the schools can work more closely together to benefit our children.

The overall make-up of the new Governing Body has been designed to ensure that we have strong and balanced stakeholder representation from both schools. It will include two Staff Governors from each school (ie, four staff Governors in total) and at least three parents with children in each school (ie, at least six Parent Governors in total).

The first meeting of the new Shirley Schools Governing Body was held on 8th January 2015 at which we elected the Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body and the Chairs of the different committees. I am privileged to say that I have been elected to the role of Chair of Governors and I am also delighted to announce that Carolyn Fayle was elected as the Vice Chair. Carolyn was previously the Chair of Governors for Shirley Junior School and I was the Chair of Governors for Shirley Infant School and we have already been working closely to define this new structure with Hazel Hayter and the two sets of Governors. We will publish a full list of Governors and roles on the schools’ web site.

I have really enjoyed my experience as a Governor of the infant school and I am very much looking forward to becoming involved in the governance of the junior school as well.

If you would like to contact me to discuss anything then my email address is You should also feel free to discuss any Governing Body-related queries or issues with any of the other Governors.

Best wishes


Peter Gould

Chair of Governors, Shirley Infant School and Shirley Junior School