A Royal Ball!

A royal ball!

The children in Year 1 were delighted to receive an invitation from Prince Charming. It was an invite to his royal ball, held in his grand palace in Once Upon A Town. The children put on their finest outfits for the occasion, transforming into their chosen traditional tale character. The special event began at 1:30pm with an opportunity to meet with other characters who had also been invited, and then the graceful dancing began!


In the middle of an exciting game, the doors burst open and Mrs Potts announced the arrival of a beautiful girl dressed in a long shimmering dress. All of the guest watched excitedly as Prince Charming noticed the beautiful lady and asked her to dance with him. They danced beautifully together but as the clock struck midnight, the mysterious girl suddenly fled the ball and disappeared into the darkness, leaving behind a sparkly glass slipper.


As Prince Charming held up the glass slipper he proclaimed “I shall marry the girl whom this slipper fits!” As the Prince left the ball in a hurry, the guests were left wondering if he would ever see his future bride again!