Science Week

The children had an amazing time during our super Science Week! Everybody involved discovered the ‘awe and wonder’ science can bring… Squirrel class were chanting “Best week ever!” (this made Mrs Arnott smile).

We found out there are lots of amazing jobs that Scientists do and read a beautifully illustrated book all about the possibilities. Have a look…


Look at some of our exciting activities…

All year groups explored making gloop and used their senses to observe and discuss the properties of the mixture and how it changes.



We had exciting visitors too! The children watched a volcano erupting in Year 1!

The children in Year 1 made paper helicopters and Year R explored balloon rockets had had races to find out how much air is needed to make the ‘rocket’ fly furthest and fastest!

The teachers also had lots of fun mixing and making chemical reactions to show the children. Year R even made some ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ and the children had the chance to explore some ingredients to make their own chemical reactions!


At the end of the week, one lucky boy or girl received a super scientist trophy and certificate for their excellent attitude to Science during the week. Everybody else had a super scientist certificate for taking part and having great fun!