At Shirley Infant School we follow a series of themes as a focus for school assemblies.  Some themes link with our SEAL work (social and emotional aspects of learning) and are designed to help children learn and reflect on concepts such as friendship, conflict resolution, dealing with change,  helpfulness, while other assemblies link to our work on Rights Respecting Schools where we consider and make links between rights and responsibilities.

Generally the themes are followed for a half term at a time;

Autumn 1               School Attendance Matters

                              New Beginnings  (SEAL) 

                              Rights & Responsibilities - Class Charters

                              Who to talk to when worried about something - Bubble Time

                              School Council Elections


All children have a right to an education and a responsibility to help others learn (RRS)

Autumn 2               School Attendance Matters

                              Getting on and falling out (SEAL)


                               Road Safety



All children have a right to be listened to and a responsibility to listen to others    


Spring 1                 School Attendance Matters

                              Going for Goals (SEAL)



                               Chinese New Year


Spring 2                 School Attendance Matters

                               Good to be me (SEAL)

                               Sport Relief / Children in Need



All children have a right to be treated fairly and a responsibility to treat others as you would like to be treated


Summer 1             School Attendance Matters

                              Relationships (SEAL)

                              Importance of care and concern for others

                              Mending friendships

                              Growth mindset

All children have a right to a happy childhood and a responsibility to help to make others happy


Summer 2            School Attendance Matters

                             Managing Changes (SEAL)

                             UNICEF Soccer Aid

                             Being Active & Healthy

                             Right to Water

All children have a right to be healthy and a responsibility to keep them healthy and safe


Children are encouraged to adopt values such as kindness, honesty, perseverance and care for each other and to consider the feelings of all around them. We teach religious stories and traditions mainly from Christianity but also from other religions. We encourage children to talk about their faiths and traditions and encourage them to develop a tolerance of other children’s beliefs and cultures based on understanding and knowledge.  We highlight some celebrations such as Diwali, Harvest and Chinese New Year so that the children are aware of events that are happening around them.  Schools are required to hold collective acts of worship and during each assembly there is usually a moment of reflection, a song, a short prayer or a moment of silence which emphasises the theme and encourages reflective thought.

Each half term we are visited by Lena Philips, St James’ Church children’s worker, who leads an assembly with a Christian theme such as Christmas, Easter. Lena also links into our assembly themes with Christian stories that illustrate the theme.

Each half term our link Sports Provider sets a new playground challenge for the children to participate and improve their skills, agility and quickness in a range of sporting challenges.