Year 2 Work

Year 2 Autumn 1

Hocus Pocus

Visit to the forbidden forest…..

In September ninety curious children, excitedly crept through the forbidden forest in search of a magic potion that would help to locate a missing magical wand. All were shocked to find an ancient, friendly witch amongst the trees, who was in desperate need of help to find magical ingredients to undo the deadly spell and help her find her way home.


Back in class, the children enjoyed writing a range of instructions using conjunctions and imperative verbs. They wrote instructions to make potions, slime sandwiches, dragon traps and crispy cakes. Take a look at some fantastic instructions. You can see the children have worked really hard and even included some adverbs too!


The dress up day was a great success and the children enjoyed being witches and wizards for the day. They learnt a new magical song with Mrs Clark.