Year 2 Work

Spring 2

Great Fire of London

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London and have asked wonderful questions throughout the topic. We hope you were impressed with their class fire of London dances. They told the story of the Great Fire through their facial expressions and body movements.


The children enjoyed their acting workshops where they acted out the main events of how the fire started and how they tried to put the fire out. We had lots of fun changing our names to old fashioned ones, dressing up and being able to act out many parts of the story. The children met ‘Samuel Pepys’ who explained how he wrote a diary about his experience of the fire. Did you know that Samuel Pepys chose cheese and wine as his most prized possessions to bury? What items would you choose to bury if you could only choose two?


Spring 1

‘Journeys into the Unknown….’

We kick started the term with a trip to The Winchester Theatre to see ‘Peter Pan’.  Whilst eating ice lollies during the interval we were worried that the evil, nasty pirate known as Captain Hook, might take revenge on Pan.


Seeing the characters and sets come to life really helped us to describe the settings and write character descriptions.  It also inspired us to write our own Neverland inspired stories. The children enjoyed sharing their stories with you during our Celebration event. Here are some parts of a story.

The beginning by Zachary in Foxes

Once upon a time there lived a friendly family in the dazzling, bustling city. When Wendy was asleep, Peter Pan flew through the  window and the kind girl heard something and slowly opened her eyes and saw the legendary Peter Pan. She quickly got up and grabbed Pan’s hand and flew through the glittery moonlight and they saw the whole moon bit it was so shiny and bright they had to stop looking at it because it was so bright for their eyes.

The beginning by Eden in Foxes

Once upon a time there lived a friendly family who lived in the busy place of London. When Wendy peered out of the window, she spotted a little, mysterious thing flying in the sky. Suddenly there was a small boy sitting on the window pane. It was Peter Pan. Peter’s tights were as green as grass. Without hesitation, Wendy took Peter’s hand and they flew through the glittery moonlight with grumpy Tinkerbell.

In the children’s creative time they have been drawing pictures using their observational skills. They have been learning how to draw a detailed image on a bigger scale and drawing pictures from different viewpoints. Here are some face portraits that the children drew of each other.


Autumn 2


The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning facts about the Titanic and have enjoyed finding out more information in their computing sessions. They have asked really insightful questions throughout the topic and their home learning projects were fantastic! They have enjoyed acting out being crew members on board the Titanic in their class role play areas.

To help bring the topic to life, the year 2 children visited the Sea City Music. They were able to dress up as a passenger on the Titanic, steer the ship, become a crew member and look at real artefacts.



We also had a dress up day, where from the morning; the children became passengers on board the Titanic where they were greeted by the Captain and his crew. They were given a ticket and were shown to their cabins. Throughout the day the children took part in many on board activities.

In fox class they were partnered up and they took part in a waltz dance class and they took part in a ‘Strictly ball room’ dance off.

In Badger class the children were invited into the first class dining hall where they learnt how to serve the food and which knife and fork to use. 


Autumn 1

Hocus Pocus

Visit to the forbidden forest…..

In September ninety inquisitive children, cautiously crept through the forbidden forest in search of a magic potion that would mend a magical broom. All were shocked to find an ancient, friendly witch amongst the trees, who was in desperate need of help to find magical ingredients to undo the deadly spell and help her find her way home.


We had a great time mapping our way to the common in search of the witch. We used our senses to describe the mystical setting, wrote instructions to make our deadly potions and finally wrote our own magical stories about a magical mistake.


The dress up day was a great success and the children enjoyed being witches and wizards for the day and sharing their magical stories.