Year 2 Curriculum

At Shirley Infants we teach a creative curriculum which covers literacy and the foundation subjects, as outlined in the curriculum topic overviews below. In addition, we teach discrete Numeracy, Phonics, Guided Reading, PSHE and P.E sessions throughout every term.

Autumn 1
Hocus Pocus
Autumn 2
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
ICT- Roamers
Geography - Mapping / Places
Science –Physical Human Features / Electricity
RE- Creation Stories
Creative Development: - Sculptures / Design / Sketching.
Trip to The Common
Music: Recorders
Report / Letter / Narrative
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
ICT- Digital microphones, Podcasting.
History – Titanic
Science - Floating & Sinking
RE: Christmas/ Candlelight.
Creative Development:
Art – Picture this
Trip to Sea City Museum
Music: Pitch and patterns in music
Spring 1
Journeys into the Unknown
Spring 2
The Great Fire of London
Narrative / character and setting descriptions
Trip to Theatre
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
ICT- Sound, Images and Text Editing
Science - Changing Materials
RE: Stories of Jesus
Creative Development:
DT – Winding mechanisms
Music: Music from around the world
Poetry / Recount / Diary
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
ICT- Word processing skills, saving and retrieving
History – Fire of London
Science – Human Science
RE: Welcoming Jesus
Creative Development:
D.T. Building homes
Music: Peripatetic teaching
Summer 1
Cindy, Anne & Bones & The Temple of Boom
Summer 2
Narrative / Assessments / Non Chronological Report
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
ICT- Gathering and presenting information
RE: Holi
Creative Development:
DT - Puppets
Music- Listening and composition
Active & Healthy Week
Poetry / Non-fiction / Reports
Knowledge and understanding of the world:
ICT- Capturing images, data handling and gathering information
Geography – / Oceans / Comparison of local area to another location
Science – Classification and Variation. Trip to Marwell Zoo.
RE: Change and transition
Creative Development:
3D sculpture / masks / Performance to Parents
Music- Performance skills

Each academic year we hold a meeting to explain more to parents in Year 2 about the curriculum. Please click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the evening.