Year R Curriculum

At Shirley Infants we teach a creative curriculum which covers literacy and the foundation subjects, as outlined in the curriculum topic overviews for each term in this section.

In addition, we teach discrete Numeracy, Phonics, PSHE and P.E sessions, handwriting, music throughout every term.

MOOT (Manage Our Own Time) sessions in which children choose their own learning covering all seven areas of learning are also an important feature of Year R provision in our school.

Please click on the link below to view the notes from our Year R Curriculum Workshops.

Year R Curriculum Workshop Notes

This is Me and 
Let's Learn with Harry
Autumn 2
Once Long Ago and Christmas
Reading ‘Harry’ stories
Mark making and emergent writing
Labels and name writing
Simple word writing

Lists and labels

Word and caption writing

Verbal story writing

Understanding the World
ICT – Digital cameras, ipads and introduction to ICT           
History – All about me 
Science- Changes (clay)
Construction and small world play
ICT – Mouse and keyboard skills

History- Old and new toys, talking about past & present events and home learning old and new buildings
RE – Christmas
Construction and small world play
Expressive Art and Design

Art and DT- Exploring different media

Music - Listening to and creating sounds

Responsing to music through movement

Art and DT- designing and making toys and instruments
Using a range of percussion instruments to create and change sounds.
   Spring 1
Adventure Bay and Pirates
Spring 2
Apple Tree Farm and Easter
Labelling maps, lists, letter writing, hospital role play day

Lists, caption and sentences, recount, making books (home learning)
Understanding the World ICT- Programmable toys and beebots

Science - Push and pull forces
RE - Jesus as a storyteller
Construction and small world play
ICT - Programming Beebots, Internet Safety

Geography - Mapping, habitats, similarities and differences 
Science - Animals and their young, growth and living, home learning
RE - New Life

Construction and small world play
Expressive Art and Design Art and DT- Junk modelling vehicles

Music - Exploring dynamics and sound patterns
Art and DT- Collaging

Music - Rhythm, tempo and duration
   Summer 1
Let's Pretend
Summer 2
Rumble in the Jungle & To Infinity & Beyond

Labelling, sequencing, speech bubbles, captions and 
sentences, letter writing and storyroads, hotseating, recounts, role play

Beginning story writing

Letter writing, posters, sequence writing

Instruction Writing

Understanding the World
ICT- Paint programes and simple word processing
Science –  Hawthorn Centre trip: living things
RE- Special clothing
Construction and small world play
ICT- Presenting information using sound, video and images
Science- Come Outside Day
Geography – Similarities and differences in contrasting environments
RE- Raksha Bandhan
Construction and small world play
Expressive Art and Design Art and DT - printing, paer mache

Music - nursery rhymes, pitch and dynamics
Art and DT - clay animals and home learning, 
materials, weaving and collage

Music - Using simple grafic notation to create compositions