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IBM - Try Science

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IBM ‘Try Science’ - 7th November 2019

Year 1 and 2 had an amazing morning with IBM today all thanks to Laura Martin and her team of amazing scientists from IBM!

We started the morning in the hall listening to, and watching, how IBM have used science to help the animals at Marwell Zoo. We discovered how they designed sensors to ensure the animals are able to use their heaters and lights more efficiently. We were also fascinated to learn how the dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight come to life and move and roar when visitors come near because of the sensors designed by IBM. Next time you go for a visit remember that this was all possible with the help from IBM!

While we were listening to the information in the hall, Laura’s team were hard at work transforming our classrooms into science labs to explore three different experiments…

We had great fun being super scientists! Look what we did…



Can you make a bridge using the spaghetti and marshmallows?

Can you make it strong enough to hang a cup with 2p weights? How many 2p can your bridge hold?


“Putting the marshmallows on the end of the spaghetti makes it stay in place.”

“We can make the spaghetti bridge stronger by making it longer and thicker.”

“It broke because it wasn’t very strong. I needed to put more spaghetti together in the marshmallow.”



Which ball (tennis ball, ping pong ball, marble or play-doh ball) will travel down the ramp in the fastest time? Can you slow down the time by changing the material of the ramp?  Can you add barriers?


“Friction makes things move slower.”

“We used playdoh and bubble wrap to slow down our ball.”



Can you make a raft that will float? How many animals can you fit on your raft?

What material is the best? Why?


“I made a ramp on my raft for the animals to go down.”

“The lolly sticks helps the foam to float because it keeps them together on the water.”

“The cork helps it to float because it is light.”