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Year 2 Curriculum

During this year we build on and consolidate the learning achieved in Year 1. Our aim is for the children to be independent learners who are confident to accept a challenge and who are willing to take a risk. They will develop their perseverance and be able to use all available resources to make informed choices.

Throughout the year we aim to prepare the children for transition to Year 3 and develop close relationships with the Junior school children and staff in order for this to be seamless.

For more information, please refer to the Year 2 overview below or click on the following link which will take you to the national curriculum as this is the curriculum we follow:

National Curriculum

Each academic year we hold a meeting to explain more to parents in Year 2 about the curriculum. Please follow the link below to view the powerpoint presentation from the evening.

Year 2 Curriculum Evening Presentation 2019-20

Autumn Let it grow Titanic
Spring Journey into the unknown The Fire of London
Summer Cindy, Ann and Bones  Grrr