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All In It Together

The school organises Family Education parent sessions called ’All in it together’ and they are run each term with a different focus.  We have run sessions such as emotional literacy support and supporting parents with behaviour in the holidays which have all been very successful.

We firmly believe in working together as a whole school community.  We have an active family education programme, which gives you the opportunity to come into school and work with your child, to find out more about what your child is doing in school, and also to improve your own skills.

We invite various people into school for you to seek advice from and lead sessions to help you support your child at home, ie. maths, writing, behaviour etc.

Your year group teams will deliver a curriculum evening focussed on key aspects of the curriculum for you to be be able to support your child.

When appropriate to your child’s needs, you may be invited in to specific sessions to work with your child across different areas of the curriculum, for example to look at phonics or maths  strategies.  If you have any queries about what your child is learning in school or how you can be involved, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher.

Please see the links below for helpful resources from sessions:

Shirley Library

Useful Websites for Children's Activities

Traditional Stories for Children

The Gingerbread Man Activities