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Travel Plan

NB. Please remember when using park and stride arrangements that the car park rules must be complied with at all times.  Do not exceed the maximum waiting time. Thank you.

27th January 2022

Our school continues to support active and sustainable travel to school for our pupils and our neighbours. We are continuing to work on our travel plan and new updates regarding this will follow very soon.

We are pleased to be a school that takes safety very seriously and reflect on our community and our children's learning needs.  Our Travel to Shirley Infant School leaflet for parents, carers and pupils includes lots of helpful hints and tips to ensure the school environment is as safe as possible for our children.

Please take a look by clicking this link; Travel to Shirley Infant School

5th January 2016

We were very proud to announce that in January 2015 the school was awarded GOLD Level by Modeshift Stars for all of our work on the school travel plan.  We were THE FIRST SCHOOL IN SOUTHAMPTON to achieve this.  Thank you to all parents, carers, staff and pupils who have supported us in our campaign and we now join 30 other schools nationwide as the frontrunners in helping keep children active.  

Elliot Prescott, the STARS Officer at Southampton City Council, said;

"Gold Stars is deliberately hard to achieve but you've sailed through the process. You should be very proud of all your hard work this year. I'm really happy for you."



We are proud to announce we have been awarded SILVER Accreditation.

We now hope we can be the first school in Southampton to achieve GOLD.


We are committed to the safety of our children on our roads and to further this we continue news initiatives to help the children on the roads in and around the school.  The governors are working on new signage around the school to ask parents to park respectfully.  We had a competition and their posters will be going up shortly. 

We continue to work with Southampton City Council and Modeshift STARS to deliver our  travel plan for those attending our school.

We strive with our working group (staff, governors and parents) our ethos is to keep children healthy, active and safe. We have completed surveys which show how the children travel to school and we can tailor our plans accordingly. We are always reminding parents Parking Pledge which is an agreement between pupils and parents to agree to park respectfully in the local area.

We are trying to discourage parents from parking on double-yellow lines or over driveways or blocking roads (which have caused problems) and to find places for them to park which will not add time to their journey and be in easy reach of the school.

We have arranged for parents to park in the Range providing an easy walk for the pupils to school.

We will also be creating walking zone maps to show our parents the catchment area and the best places to walk and park.

We are providing pedestrian and scooter training for pupils to ensure their safety when travelling to school. They will be given the opportunity to learn how to service their scooters as well.  Our open days such as the Summer Fayre will include a bike and scooter doctor to assist the children with their mode of transport.

The children have created a brilliant eco-council group to combat issues that arise within the school environment. They also create new schemes to stay eco-friendly.

Shirley Infant School are now, as a result of our Travel Plan, working towards an accreditation with Modeshift STARS. We have recently started and have almost completed Bronze level.

We hope that we can work with parents going forward to provide an even safer environment and happy place for the children.