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COVID-19 Provision

Subject to the reopening of the school we have been working on our risk assessments of the site, staffing and classroom sizes. We have been in close liaison with HAMWIC, the Local Authority and our governors putting the new plans in to place to meet the current government guidelines that came out last week. Our priority is the safety of staff and pupils and this is paramount to us.

We have been planning Phase 1 of a possible return in June in line with our comprehensive risk assessment.

Overall our priority is to ensure the safety and well -being of everybody in school. Due to the new government guidance that came out on Thursday 14th May at 8pm we have had to look at our ratios of children to the class sizes. This means we cannot operate safely with more than 10 pupils in a classroom. Therefore, we intend to create a bubble of 10 children with 2 staff allocated to them. This bubble will be together all the time all through the day and areas of the playground will be marked out for them.

This means in Phase 1 we are not able to take Year 1 back into school at this time. We know this is such a difficult challenging time for parents. We have to make the very difficult decision based on our school size and current staffing. We have had to follow the government’s clearly set out order of priority in school.

This is:

  • 1 st - Critical worker children in school
  • 2 nd - Nursery children in to the setting
  • 3 rd - Year R
  • 4 th - Year 1
  • 5 th - Year 6

We are so sorry for you as Year 1 parents who took the time to complete our questionnaire. When we sent this out we were working on the first set of government guidance and hoping to run a two-week rota system to have all the children experience some schooling. However, with the change of guidance at 8pm on Thursday 14th May our risk assessments will not allow us to take Year 1 back in this first phase. We can only hope you see how seriously we are taking this and will only make the decisions we can based on the knowledge and facts the risk assessment is showing.

Following on from this decision our comprehensive risk assessment is showing us these initial decisions, that we would like to share with you:

  • We can only take a set number of critical worker children and year r children into the building.
  • Children in Year R will be put into groups of 10 by their class teachers to try to keep friendship groups together the best we can.
  • Year R children will either have their own class teacher or their teaching assistant in their bubble.
  • Year R will be based in the Year R and Year 1 classes; this means some year r children will not be able to be in their own classroom. However, we have worked so hard to ensure they will have a strong relationship with one of their adults.
  • Critical worker children will be moved into bubbles of 10 with 2 key adults too moving forward in June.
  • Please note we will be closing the school by 12:00pm EVERY Friday. Therefore, School will not be open to any groups of children on a Friday afternoon. We legally have to give staff planning time and cannot do this without cross contamination of groups. We also need the capacity to deep clean the school each week and this will ensure this is possible.
  • Children are to resume back into school uniform as school will be open again. We will not expect the full uniform especially shoes if children have grown out of these.
  • We will ask as part of our risk assessment that child wear fresh uniform into school each day. As part of this we would suggest you clean your children’s shoes and remove them once you are home.
  • Every child will have their own stationary and area to work at, which will be cleaned down throughout the day.
  • Children will bring a pack lunch or order a packed lunch instead of a hot meal. This will be eaten in their classrooms with their key adult.
  • Children should only bring their lunchbox (ideally lunch in a paper or plastic bag not the lunch box), a coat and labelled filled water bottle each day. No other belongings will be allowed into school
  • There will be staggered drop off and pick up times to safely enter and send home the children from school. Further information will follow on this to the key groups who will be coming in. Only one adult per family to accompany the child/ren to and from school will be advised. Please only bring siblings if you have to.
  • Social distancing signs and marking on the playground will be in place on the school grounds, these must be adhered to. More guidance on this will follow.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the school premises unless a prior arrangement has been made.
  • The school office will remain closed and you will only be able to contact them via our phone lines or the school email –
  • Visitors are not allowed on to the site unless essential.
  • The existing stringent handwashing routine will continue throughout the day. Children will be asked to wash their hands on entry to school and when leaving school.
  • All equipment will be cleaned regularly and disinfected throughout the day.
  • All soft furnishings will be removed.
  • Staff will be provided with PPE and it is their choice if they wish to wear it. Staff will wear PPE for intimate care or any first aid.
  • Teachers will begin to reteach the curriculum with a focus on reading, writing, phonics, maths, PE and a heavy focus of PSHE. The same work will still be set on our home learning page of our website (even though the government say’s we do not have to).
  • Children will be sensitively taught and guided through these changes as part of our PSHE sessions. They will make their own new class charter for this situation.
  • Adaptations will be made to the behaviour policy.
  • Parents are encouraged to walk or cycle to school, however we will not be able to store bikes and scooters on the premises. The use of public transport in line with the government advice is to avoid this if you can or take protective measures.
  • We continue to follow the strict guidance if anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough, high temperature or loss of smell and taste. We ask that parents are vigilant in informing us if your child or a member of your household develop the symptoms of COVID-19. We plea you take this very seriously to protect our staff and the children in the bubble.
  • We plea to all families that our coming back into to school to continue social distancing at the weekends and before and after school from your family and friends. Our staff are doing their upmost for your little ones and we hope you give them the respect they deserve by adhering to the current government guidance at all times.

Please note that the above is only the initial stages of our planning, there is a far more extensive plan happening around this. We have contacted with the parents that this involves whose children are due to attend school. Thank you for letting us know if you were planning on sending your child in to school it has enabled our planning.