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Emergency School Closures


At times the school may need to call an emergency closure of the school.  The most common example of this is adverse weather, but it could range from a water leak, to a malicious act or a heating failure for example. The safety of pupils and all staff is our prime consideration. In the case of adverse weather, it is the responsibility of parents or carers to decide if a pupil should attempt to travel to school, by transport or on foot, in adverse weather conditions.

In the event that adverse weather forces either the full or partial closure of the school we will put the following arrangements in place.  Therefore, please check the school website, social media & Southampton City Council website.

In all emergencies, our aim is that the school should remain open wherever possible and closure should be always a last resort. The decision whether or not to close the school in any given situation remains with the Executive Head or in her absence the Head of School.

The overriding concern must be the safety of pupils and staff.


We have the facility in Marvellous Me to send messages to parents. In the event of us having to close before or during school hours or to have a later start due to adverse weather then we will send out a message using this app.   We encourage all parents to use this app for communication from the school.


In the event of an emergency closure of the school we will update the school website regularly with information and updates.  Please check the school News Items section for updates. In the event of an emergency we will create a news item entitled EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSURE.  Please read this news item for more information regarding the extent of the closure, the reasons and information regarding when the school hopes to re-open.


Details of all Shirley schools closures may also be available on the Council’s School Closures Website. Solent Radio also broadcast the information that is published on the Southampton Council site. However, the council website cannot be updated as early as our own school website or our Year Group Facebook pages. Information won’t appear on the council page or be broadcast on Solent Radio until after 7am and will be limited. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or specific detail of the information passed on by third parties.


We may decide given particular circumstances to delay the start of the school day. This allows all pupils and staff more time to get to school safely in the event of bad weather. Transport arrangements can be confirmed and there will be more daylight to ensure safer journeys to school. 

Any decision to close the school will be made as early as possible. When weather conditions deteriorate after it is estimated that the majority of pupils and staff are already on their way to school, for safety reasons it is more likely that the school will remain open to ensure their safe arrival, with the conditions then reviewed as necessary during the day.