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Look at what we do in Year 2

Spring 1

‘Journeys into the Unknown….’

We started the term with a trip to The Winchester Theatre to see ‘Dick Whittington’.  Seeing the characters and sets come to life really helped us to write character descriptions and scene settings.  We then explored the story of Peter Pan and used this to help us write our own stories. The children enjoyed sharing their stories with you during our Celebration event. Here are some parts of our stories.

Slowly the dark, shady figure opened the thick, velvet curtains and revealed himself as…Peter Pan! Wendy couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this handsome young man. He was dressed from head to toe in emerald green. Wendy thought this was most peculiar. Without a moment’s hesitation Peter grabbed Wendy by the arm and said do you want to go to the wood with me? Wendy started to think about it and then nodded. Peter and Wendy were soaring over the roof tops of London underneath the moonlight.

Annie, Badger Class

On the window sill was a creepy shadow Wendy had already spotted it. As she crept closer to the figure she found a light green boot. She heard the figure sobbing then slowly the figure turned his head and introduced himself as Peter Pan!

Hamish, Fox Class

Once upon a time in the heat of London there stood a fine, tall house and in the window you could see Michael, John and Wendy. Wendy was reading stories about the Lost Boys when she heard a giggle outside. What was it? Wendy went over to the window and peered out.

Tabitha, Woodpecker Class


Autumn 2


The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning facts about the Titanic this half term. They have asked really insightful questions throughout the topic and their home learning projects were fantastic! They have enjoyed acting out being crew members on board the Titanic in their class role play areas; thinking about who was to blame for the sinking of the ship and learning about 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers.

To help bring the topic to life, the year 2 children visited the Sea City Music. They were able to dress up as a passenger on the Titanic, steer the ship, become a crew member and look at real artefacts.


We also had a dress up day, where the children imagined they were on board the Titanic and took part in various activities during the morning.

In Fox class the children were partnered up and they took part in a waltz dance class and had a ‘Strictly ball room’ dance off.

In Badger class the children were invited into the first class dining hall where they learnt how to serve the food and imagine what it was like to be a first class passenger.  

In Woodpecker class the children created brilliant artwork based on looking out of a porthole.


Autumn 1


As part of our Geography unit, 90 curious children made their way to Southampton Common to explore and find out about local human and physical features and to map out part of this area.

The children had a go at using a key and symbols on their maps.

We also looked at things on the Common that were ‘living’, ‘had once lived’ and things that ‘had never lived’ as we had been learning about this in Science. We made our way through the trees and bushes and discussed what we could see, feel, hear and smell. This gave us some great ideas for our story writing in English.

Back at school, we used this information to help write our own stories of Jack and the Beanstalk. We also wrote instructions on how to trap the giant. We learnt about command sentences and used imperative verbs and time
connectives in our writing.

In Science, we had a great time growing seeds and bulbs and carrying out experiments on them. We found out about what plants need to grow and compared how plants grow. We wrote instructions on how to plant our very own seed, too.

We enjoyed learning songs all about Jack and the Beanstalk and we loved performing them with all of our grown-ups on our dress up day, where we came dressed in all things plants.