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Look at what we get up to in Year 2

Spring 2

Great Fire of London

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Great Fire of London and all the teachers have been very impressed with their knowledge. A fantastic drama company were invited into school to do a practical workshop with the children. The children acted out the main events of how the fire started and how they tried to put the fire out. We had lots of fun changing our names to old fashioned ones, dressing up and being able to act out many parts of the story. The children met ‘Samuel Pepys’ who explained how he wrote a diary about his experience of the fire. Did you know that Samuel Pepys chose cheese and wine as his most prized possessions to bury? What items would you choose to bury if you could only choose two?


It has been lovely to see pictures of all the children’s baking for Thomas Farrinor’s bakery. We have even been lucky enough to sample some of the children’s creations.

Spring 1

‘Journeys into the Unknown….’

We kick started the term with a trip to The Winchester Theatre to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Seeing the characters and sets come to life really helped us to write character descriptions.  It also inspired us to write our own magical stories about a mysterious rose. The children enjoyed sharing their stories with you during our Celebration event. Here are some parts of a story.

The beginning by Nathan from Fox class

Once upon a time there lived a handsome, self- centred prince. One night a woman in disguise knocked on the wooden door. When she went in the prince was being mean to her so she put a dreadful curse on the prince that turned him into a wild, scary beast.

The middle by Dexter from Badger class

When Belle got to the door she heard a sound. She heard the sound of scratching claws on the floor as she opened the door. Belle looked left and then right but when she looked again she saw a figure. It was the BEAST….

The end by Lucy from Woodpeckers

Moments later Belle kissed the beast on the lips and with that he turned into the handsome prince. Gaston was killed in the battle! Belle was delighted when all the commotion from the battle had ended and she could marry her prince.

Autumn 2


The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning facts about the Titanic and have enjoyed finding out more information in their computing sessions. They have asked really insightful questions throughout the topic and their home learning projects were fantastic! This was the first year the children have made their very own cabins and lots of visitors commented on how beautiful they looked. They have enjoyed acting out being crew members on board the Titanic in their class role play areas.

To help bring the topic to life, the year 2 children visited the Sea City Music. They were able to dress up as a passenger on the Titanic, steer the ship, become a crew member and look at real artefacts.

We also had a dress up day, where from the morning; the children became passengers on board the Titanic where they were greeted by the Captain and his crew. They were given a ticket and were shown to their cabins. Throughout the day the children took part in many on board activities.

In Fox class they were partnered up and they took part in a waltz dance class and they took part in a ‘Strictly ball room’ dance off.

In Badger class the children were invited into the first class dining hall where they learnt how to serve the food and which knife and fork to use.

Autumn 1

Hocus Pocus

Visit to the forbidden forest…..

In September ninety curious children, excitedly crept through the forbidden forest in search of a magic potion that would help to locate a missing magical wand. All were shocked to find an ancient, friendly witch amongst the trees, who was in desperate need of help to find magical ingredients to undo the deadly spell and help her find her way home.


Back in class, the children enjoyed writing a range of instructions using conjunctions and imperative verbs. They wrote instructions to make potions, slime sandwiches, dragon traps and crispy cakes. Take a look at some fantastic instructions. You can see the children have worked really hard and even included some adverbs too!

The dress up day was a great success and the children enjoyed being witches and wizards for the day. They learnt a new magical song with Mrs Clark.