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Spring 2

This half-term our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'.

As part of this, the children took part in a workshop, where they re-enacted the Great Fire of London and took part in drama and hands-on activities, such as bread baking.


Throughout this topic, the children learnt about the key dates and events that took place during the Great Fire of London. The children asked historical questions, learnt about chronology, and discussed why the fire was so tricky to control. 


The children wrote a diary entry, like Samuel Pepys, and became news reporters for the Shirley Times. We looked at these genres and the different features they use.    

In phonics, the children  learnt about key homophones, such as ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.  Remember, our spellings are uploaded on Google Classroom. Please practise spelling these during the course of the half-term. If your child can already spell these words, please encourage your child to write the word in a range of sentences.  


In mathematics, the children learnt about fractions. We found fractions of an amount, shape or quantity e.g. ½ of 12 = 6. We also continued to practise our methods for the four operations; add, subtract, multiply and divide. 


Pupil Premium Provision:

Watch a controlled fire and discuss vocabulary for the senses (see, smell, feel, hear).  Key vocabulary word mats to be sent home to consolidate learning in school.