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Autumn 2

This half-term our topic is ‘Pets’. During this topic:

In Understanding the world and Personal, Social and Emotional development, we look at different pets that people can have and think about how we care for them. We use the non-fiction books to think about and talk to our friends about which pets we have or would like to have.  

We read lots of stories to drive our writing: 

  My Pet Goldfish  

 Lulu gets a cat 

  Dear Zoo

 Dear Santa

We learn to write lists using our initial and final sounds.  We write lists of all the things a goldfish would need. We write lists of the animals that the zoo sent and then we write a list on our own to Santa of what we would like for Christmas.  

We practise our letter formation using the little wandle script.  Follow this link for support for phonics and letter formation:

In physical development, we practise strengthening our hand muscles with lots of fine motor activities.  This also supports writing, so we have a secure and comfortable grip.  We have great fun in our Clever Bodies sessions too, learning about our gross motor control and coordination.  The children really enjoy exploring our loose parts stations, creating different pictures and lands with all the natural resources. 

In maths, we continue to practise our numbers and to use this knowledge to compare numbers using the language more and less. We also look at 2D shapes (circles, triangles, squares and triangles), learning what they are called and what properties they have.  We incorporate position and positional language with this learning and apply it to giving verbal instructions in our writing sessions.  The children love measuring the height and length of items and are very investigative with a piece of string.

We love these texts to support our maths learning:



Pupil Premium Provision: 

With the teacher the week before the topic begins, the children will suggest pets you might find in a home. They will look at pictures of different pets and ask the children if they have pets at home. During the first week of MOOT in Autumn 2 teachers will spend time reading pet non-fiction books to help build up a bank of knowledge about pets and how to look after them. Vocabulary word banks will be sent home to consolidate learning in class.  Each year we aim to take the group to Pet's at home to widen their knowledge.