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Class Representatives

One of our key aims is to support the link between the school and home. Each class therefore has a number of parent representatives. Their important role involves supporting the parents / carers in their class, the class teacher and FOSIS. They are able to raise parents' views via a Parent Forum held with the teaching staff and have been known to arrange social events to enable parents to meet.

The class representatives for 2023/24 are;  

Squirrels Katrina Crisell / Tabytha Greenhalgh 
Otters Myiah Ahmed / Becky Maclean
Hedgehogs Angie Dharmaraj-Savicks / Natalie Steel  


Year 1  
Moles Emily Arbery / Kathy Marsh  
Rabbits Lydia Stammers / Rachel Ayrton
Owls Jo Baker / Katy Durston 


Year 2  

Jen Simpson / Annemarie Clayton  

Foxes Abigail Gallagher / Sarah Lowth 
Badgers Sarah Scott / Yasmine Arafa