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Dear Parents,


On behalf of the Inclusion team we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are thinking of you and your children. During these very difficult and uncertain times we would like to remind you that the most important thing is your family's health, both physically and mentally.  While you may be feeling the pressure of having your children at home, possibly working, looking after your family, carrying out home learning activities and dealing with anxiety we would like to reassure you that it is ok to take time to settle into your own routine.


We would like to offer you some suggestions that may help with home learning. I am sure you all know that the teachers upload activities onto the school website. If your child is struggling with the suggestions set out for their year group, feel free to use the work from the previous year groups. This may help them secure previous learning or may be more appropriate for their needs.

Your child's class teacher will also start to send home one or two personalised learning activities per week via marvellous me.


We hope you enjoy these useful links and fun learning activities together.


Take care and be kind to yourselves, you are doing a great job!


The Inclusion Team