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Speaking and Listening

Click on a link below to try one of our activities:

Memory Game

Would You Rather?

Closing the Vocabulary Gap

Treasure Hunt

Tuning into Sounds

Body Percussion 

Build a House


PSHE Activities 


Stories are a great way to help your child with their listening and attention skills and their language development.  Here are some books you may like to read together:

Rhythm and rhyme focus:

My Pet Star by Corrinne Averiss

Wide Awake by Rob Biddulph

Scaredy Cat by Heather Gallagher

1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur by Michelle Robinson

The Dinky Donkey by Craig Smith

Ten Little Aliens by Mike Brownlow


Starting School focus:

The Colour Monster goes to school by Anna Llenas

The Same But Different Too by Karl Newson

A New School for Charlie by Courtney Dicmas