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Starting School

School offers for September 2020 intake to Year R will be issued by Southampton City Council on the 16th April 2020.

AMENDMENT: Due to Coronavirus the below schedule may now need to change.  We will update you accordingly as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.

If your child is offered a school place at Shirley Infant School in September 2020, below are some forthcoming dates for your diaries;

Tuesday 2nd June - Parent Welcome Meeting at 7pm - CANCELLED

Wednesday 3rd June - Parent Welcome Meeting at 9:30am - CANCELLED

These are parents only information meetings.  Parents need to attend one of the above meetings. There is no need to book, just come along to which ever meeting is most convenient for you.

Week commencing 15th June - Class activity sessions at 2pm - CANCELLED

Depending on your child's class the session will be on either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Parents will be notified of the date for their child's class at the welcome meetings.

22nd June, 29th June & 6th July at 2pm - Little Ladybird Sessions - CANCELLED

During these sessions which are run on 3 consecutive Mondays towards the end of the summer term, children can come into school, bringing an adult with them.  They have an opportunity to play and have a drink in our community room, to attend a music session, borrow a book from the school library and to play in the Year R playground.

The sessions a child needs to attend during the YEAR R INDUCTION PROGRAMME FOR 2020/21 will be available from April by clicking on the links below;

GREEN (Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec birthdays)

YELLOW (Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr birthdays)

PURPLE (May / Jun / Jul / Aug birthdays)

NB. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus, we are going to need to re-design our induction plan for September 2020 and sadly are unable to publish the above in April as planned. We don't currently know what the situation will be by then and therefore are unable to confirm anything further at this time. Please rest assured, that as soon as we have further guidance on what the situation will be, devising an appropriate induction plan for the children will be our priority.  Things may have to look a little different this year, but our priority will always be to make the children's induction to school as smooth as possible.