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Looking After Each Other

Welcome to our 'looking after yourself and others' area.

We know what a difficult time this is for everyone so we hope to offer some support and advice for our parents and pupils, through suggested activities and signposts to other resources to support mental wellness. 

We are still in close contact with may of the other professional we work with and some of them have kindly offered the following suggestions:

We have been using story massage at bedtime and it has been lovely. Here is a link to her website: and there are some videos to follow along with here: 

Bridge the Gap is a wonderful organisation offering emotional wellbeing support to parents and families. They are running weekly webinars, have a great range of free resources and have support groups on facebook should parents be interested.

Useful websites for parents:   (An app to support with sleep, anxiety and stress) - (Supporting parents and carers through disruption)

Below are some websites that you and your child may find helpful: (Yoga for children) (Particularly good for younger children.) (Relaxation exercises for children) (Advice for older children if they’re worried about coronavirus) ( How to cope when they can’t go to school because of coronavirus- video for older children) (Calm zone for children and young people.) ( CAMHS have produced a website with lots of useful resources, links and apps to support children and young people's mental health.) ( Sesame Street Characters having some fun and offering playful learning and comforting activities.)