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In Year Transfers

Changing Schools

In-year applications are when you need to apply for a school place at any time in the year that it is not part of the 'normal admissions round'. There are three main reasons for making an in-year application.

You might:

  • Be moving house
  • Be unhappy with your child's current school
  • Want your Year 2 child enrolled at an infant school to start Year 3 in a primary school

Moving home part-way through the academic year

If you are moving into Southampton (SO14-SO19) from another local authority or country part-way through the academic year, you will need to complete an in-year transfer application.

You can also change the schools named on your application if they are no longer appropriate.

Changing schools because you are unhappy with your child's current school

Changing schools is a big decision and should not be made lightly. If your child is having difficulties at their current school, discuss the reason you want to change schools with your child's current school to try and resolve the situation before making an application.

Changing school can be difficult for a child and rarely solves their difficulties. It is important to consider the emotional, social and academic consequences for your child connected with a change of school before making an application to another school. In-year places are not always available.

Please be aware that, unless there is a relevant safeguarding reason made known to us, we will contact your child's current school upon receipt of your in-year transfer application.

Applications should be made on-line to the local authority admissions team at the following web address